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Embarking on a journey to the UAE is thrilling, but visa procedures can sometimes be overwhelming. Alrannan is your steadfast partner in simplifying UAE visa acquisition. Our range of services covers everything from documentation to visa issuance, ensuring precision and efficiency throughout the process.

Tourist Visa

Whether you’re planning a short stay or an extended exploration, our Tourist Visa services have you covered. With options for single and multiple entries, extendable up to five times, your UAE adventure is made convenient and flexible. We assist in obtaining Dubai tourist e-visas, making your journey hassle-free.

Adult UAE Tourist Visas with Medical Insurance (COVID) coverage.

Visa Duration: 14 days

AED 375.00
  • Embassy Fees
  • Medical Insurance (COVID)

Visa Duration: 30 days

AED 399.00
  • Embassy Fees
  • Medical Insurance (COVID)

Visa Duration: 60 days

AED 649.00
  • Embassy Fees
  • Medical Insurance (COVID)

Child UAE Tourist Visas with Medical Insurance (COVID) coverage.

Visa Duration: 14 days

AED 149.00
  • Embassy Fees
  • Medical Insurance (COVID)

Visa Duration: 30 days

AED 149.00
  • Embassy Fees
  • Medical Insurance (COVID)

Visa Duration: 60 days

AED 249.00
  • Embassy Fees
  • Medical Insurance (COVID)

Terms & Conditions for Visit Visa Services

Prices marked with * are subject to change without prior notice. We reserve the right to adjust the pricing based on factors such as government policies, exchange rates, and other unforeseen circumstances. Please note that the prices displayed on our website are indicative and may not reflect the current rates.

Visa rates are subject to variation based on your nationality and age. To obtain an accurate and personalized quote, we require your passport details. Once you submit your passport information, we will provide you with the most up-to-date pricing, along with any available special offers or discounts. For precise pricing details, please contact our customer service team.

The prices mentioned above include Embassy Fees and Medical Insurance (COVID) coverage only. Additional services, such as document attestation or express processing, may incur extra charges, which will be communicated to you before the visa application process begins.

The approval of a visa is solely at the discretion of the UAE Immigration authorities. While we strive to provide accurate and complete documentation for your visa application, we do not have control over the final decision made by the immigration authorities. In the event of a visa rejection, we are not responsible for any associated costs or inconveniences.

Types of Visas We Offer - Explore UAE with the right visa in hand, Our other offerings include:

Dependent Visa

Keep your loved ones close with our Dependent Visa services. We help you navigate the process with ease, ensuring your family is by your side during your UAE journey.

Employment Visa

Pursue your career aspirations in UAE with our Employment Visa solutions. We guide you through the intricacies of the application, making your professional transition seamless.

And More

From Family Residency VISA to Renewal/Modification of VISAs and VISA Cancellation, our comprehensive services cater to all your VISA needs.

UAE Visit Visa

30 days Single Entry Tourist Visa: Only AED 399

60 days Single Entry Tourist Visa: Only AED 699

30 days child Visa: Only AED 200

60 days child fares: Only AED 299

Freelance Visa

Starting from only AED 7,500 – A freelance visa in Dubai is a residency permit that allows you to work as a freelancer in the UAE without being tied to a specific employer. 

You will have benefits like:

  • Emirates ID, Driving License, Bank Account, etc.
  • The opportunity to work for multiple companies
  • You will get a NOC (No Objection Certificate)
  • You can sponsor your family members to live with you in Dubai
  • You get a visa on arrival to over 82 countries
  • You get faster visas for restricted countries including the USA, Canada, Latin America, etc.

A2A (Airport to Airport Visa)

60-day A2A visa: Only AED 1,750

The A2A visa:

Customers can avail the A2A service for traveling from Dubai to neighbouring countries as an exit strategy, while also having the flexibility to return back to Dubai.

1-Year Multiple Entry Saudi Visa

1-year multiple Entry Saudi Visa: Only AED 799

For UAE residents: We support you to get a Saudi visa if you wish to enter the country for various purposes such as tourism, business, work, pilgrimage, Hajj or Umrah.

UAE Golden Visa

The UAE Golden Visa is a long-term residency visa that grants foreigners the right to reside in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for up to 10 years. Holders of the Golden Visa can live and work in the UAE without the need for a national sponsor and can sponsor their family members to join them. 

Your benefits: 
– 10 years of residence in the UAE, with the option to renew
– Terms of the visa extend to your spouse and children (no age limit)
– No employer or sponsor is required for application/acceptance
– Death or other unforeseen circumstances will not affect your family
– 100% ownership of any business started and owned in the UAE.

Not sure what the right visa is for you?

Not sure what the right visa is for you?